7 Practical Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind

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Mind that you are unique and have a lot to offer to your community and family that no one else could, whatever you do, find your purpose and exploit your unique strengths.

  1. Take Action


There is no worse attempt than the one that is not made, and similarly, all of your determination, positivism and purposes won’t make you any good if you can’t start to act in alignment with them.


You’ve set a goal, an action plan and a mindset to get things done, what is left for you is to go out and make it happen, every small step towards your goals is important.


Every achievement will lift your spirit to keep working, even if there are some drawbacks or detours of your main plan you must keep going, adjust, change or correct your path where needed.


You should know that no plan is perfect, if you’re thinking of no starting until you get a flawless plan, chances are you won’t start at all, successful people know they’ll have to make some changes along the way.

  1. Never Give Up


It must be said, not enough planning, executing and re-routing of your course will give you any success if you at some point give up.


Act by the saying “winners never quit and quitters never win”, things will most likely get tough… or boring, or exhausting or a limitless set of any other tangible or psychological obstacles that will be all yours to overcome.


Show respect for what you love, for yourself, commit and work towards the end, never let the opinion of others erode your determination.

Additional Notes


You should never underestimate the power of your own will and so you should also take full responsibility for the life you live now, the goals you achieve, the defeats you accept and of course the successes you get.


Praise yourself and be grateful for every step reached along the way, open yourself for new experiences and embrace them, it is possible that greater achievements will come from places you wouldn’t suspect to be on the first place if you were closed to new experiences.


What have you done towards your success? Where have you given up?


Lose Weight with Water


I was reading a post about losing weight and one of the member’s comments was something like “I just replaced all my drinks with water and I’m now 10 pounds down”.


It was a curious experience since I once really thought I was the only one who would have ever lost weight that way, yes! it works for me.


But how can something so simple like plain water which doesn’t have any added supplements, vitamins or any sort of “magical” weight reduction products dissolved in it help you reduce your body fat?


Well there are several answers to that question, and I’d like to point them down:

  1. Feel Full with a Glass Before Meals


Well yes, it does occupy space in your stomach, so it is a good idea to drink it before your meals and during the day, that alone will save you a lot of calories from snacks or overeating.


I like to eat my meals into a 75% percent of fullness and then drink a glass of water, experts recommend to do it before so you’ll have more self control.


By doing this, the space used by water will help you with the satiety feeling and wont add any calorie, try it, you’d be surprised.

  1. Regular Intake Boosts Your Metabolism