6 Tips To Share a Bed and Survive

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So the hard truth now is that you are getting fat.


Yes! no sugar-coating that part (pun intended).


Curiously enough you are even aware of the amount of calories each of the flakes in your cereal bowl has as you have grown paranoid of gaining more weight, yet by the end of the week you’re out of energy, with a headache, hungry and … yes, heavier by one more pound… Darn!


Am I a wizard?


Ok I’m not but I used to be that way too, you can count every calorie you are eating regardless of the kind or quality of the food and lose some weight by restricting your body of its calorie intake, however that doesn’t mean you are well nourished or that you won’t gain it back as a quick bounce later on.


But how on earth do you lose that excess weight then?

Lose Weight by Cutting the Crap Out of your Diet


Sure you need to get rid of the crap in your diet first, and you reduce weight from your body by eating less than your body needs (what you where trying to achieve by counting calories).


Now this is not just as straight forward, don’t consider the calorie intake above the satisfaction of your hunger since you could be hungry early and all the time until your next meal.


To help you out on how to lose weight without counting calories, I’ve written this steps the experts consider the best approach:


Reduce the portions of your servings (I’m talking about your meals here, not the huge sugar-coated donuts snacks. Junk food is junk food, don’t eat that).

Eat high nutritional value foods regularly in your meals (no use reducing your portions if you still eat poor quality food).

Skip all junk, high-calorie and low-nutritional value food from your diet right away (sweets, fast food, sodas, I can’t stress this enough).

Replace your current high-calorie foods for lower-calorie options (for example: I’m a morning coffee person and I’ve substituted normal sugar with Stevia, and regular cream with a low-fat option, you can opt for skim milk too).


Those are general guidelines, and you will need to start addressing them one by one if you truly want to get rid of the excess weight in your body and definitely not gain it back again.


Now how are you supposed to do that? Let me elaborate.

  1. Reducing your Meals Portion Sizes


There are some tricks you can implement to reduce the portion sizes you serve on your plate and help you cut the calorie intake on each meal, remember this is just one aspect of the entire weight-loss frame we were talking above.