6 Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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If you have read my previous posts you’d start to notice how your metabolism plays a key roll in your weight control, and it is evident that you can take steps to better it with your own good habits.


Drink water throughout the day and that will help your body burn fat by the increase in your metabolic rate, the effect of a couple glasses of water (around 16 oz) have will last for more or less 40 minutes after you drink them.

  1. Replace Sweetened Drinks


At first you’ll miss the flavor of the calorie-filled and sugar-added drinks, specially when eating spiced foods, however the sole action of replacing them with plain water will save your body the intake of all those calories, even without any other change in your diet (however you should consider it a must).


You’d also be surprised by the amount of sugars contained in some juices (specially for sweet fruit ones), and things get worse for the processed and bottled ones, so get rid of them too please.


You can add lemon juice to your glass of water to add some flavor if you find it hard other way, just avoid adding sugar or you’ll void the effect.

  1. Drink Ice Cold Water


The logic behind this is that your body gets cooler as you drink cold water, surely it goes lower the colder the water is.


In order to raise your temperature, your body needs to burn calories and “heat up” (ever notice how urine is warm? You can trust me, no need to test), in this process calories will be burned and you in exchange lose weight, a little but sweet right?


Sure you wouldn’t base your diet solely on ice cold water, but you can sum all these other tips benefits and the results will come afterwards as a snowball.

Additional Notes


A good balanced diet, reducing the intake of high sugar drinks and processed foods as well as an active exercise routine will all add into the weight loss effect you are looking for, there is a special balance of body fluids that needs to be maintained for the body to work properly, however you can consider this:


Drinking water alone wont inhibit your appetite so skipping a whole meal by drinking water won’t be beneficial on the long run.

You can sip smaller but more frequent amounts of water during the day rather than a large couple of glasses every now and then so you wont feel bloated

Carry a water bottle everywhere and keep in mind you need to keep drinking, there are even some reusable water bottles marked as for the amount you should have drank per the hour of the day.


Additionally, you should be aware that the water itself doesn’t kill fat in any way, its the effect of the replacement of sweetened drinks and snacks with a zero calorie fluid, in this case water, that gives you the desired benefits.


Having a sound night of sleep gets a deep impact on the way you feel throughout the day and your productivity, feeling worn out by noon might be a well indicative you’re not resting enough.


By getting to sleep better at night your energy will be higher, your mood will be boosted and, of course for a little harmless vanity, your under-eye circles will be diminished.


Now you may not know this, but even your daily routine can affect the way you sleep, and by making some changes and adjustments to it you can make the world in difference on how well you rest.


This will improve your general health and well-being and that’s why I’ve put down this 10 best simple tips to sleep better at night that the experts have come up with:

  1. Stick to a Sleeping Schedule


Many experts have this one in common as the first tip, sync your sleep pattern to your biological internal clock to get a regular restful night of sleep and you’ll be refreshed by the morning.


Consistency on your going to sleep and waking hours alike reinforces this process, you’ll find the time necessary for your own body since not all metabolisms are the same, an adult below 65 years old requires somewhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep.


Now you really shouldn’t allow yourself a nap if that’s going to affect the time you are going to sleep that day (as it generally does), however if you need to compensate for some lack of sleep from the day before you can take a short time to do so, just be careful since napping could worsen your insomnia.

  1. Avoid Heavy Meals Right Before Bedtime


Yes I know it is so hard to stop overeating, and you have naturally felt that somnolence right after a heavy meal, but that’s because your body sends more blood to the digestive system, away from your brain.