4 Unsuspected Belly Fat Burning Foods

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You can save your butt (where all that fat accumulates first, I know, not cool) this bunch of calories on your daily routine, here’s a list of ideas:


Whole milk replaced by skim milk.

Ice-cream replaced by frozen yogurt.

Ramen by rice.

Granola by bran flakes.

Bacon by lean ham (*sigh*).

Whole eggs by egg whites.

Donuts by bagels.


And the list goes on and on, you can read a more complete one here.


Just be aware that some of the producers advertise their products as low-fat or diet foods but they won’t tell you the whole truth, sometimes a “low-fat” label on the box could mean it is high in sugar or carbohydrates, this is done to help you cope with texture or flavor difference, I’ve written an article about it here.


Also, the more whole foods you include in your diet the better the results you’ll get, this kind of food takes a lot more energy (calories) from your body to break down into usable nutrients than processed food does, read more.

More Reasons Why Counting Calories is Not a Great Idea


I must say there is nothing wrong with counting calories, however it gets time-consuming and you could end up worrying more about it than really satisfying your hunger which will tend to make you break your mindful diet out of temptation for your cravings.


Besides, who would like to invite you for dinner if you get too picky on the menu at the restaurant? just go for any of “light section” option and get over it.


You’re more likely to stop counting after a short while once you realize that keeping a thorough track of it all is like a part-time job, no offence here to those who like doing it…


I did it for a while.


Didn’t stick.


Stopped doing it.


Lost weight by eating better not counting calories.


Being mindful of the general concept is better and gets you longer lasting results, and if I may dare, permanent results since the change is really done in your mind more than in your food, so you adjust your eating accordingly.


If you have more ideas share them with us on the comments section below.


Get what you want in life


A life balance doesn’t rely solely on your healthy body and mind habits, but also on the spiritual realm… or what you heart is telling you to do or be.


I believe achieving joy, happiness and fulfillment is as important as to get yourself a healthy body to enjoy your life, loved ones and sharing your small and biggest of successes.


Now what can be done to get to that point? What can you do to get what you want in life the most? I have written what I believe are the most relevant tips and some of the expert’s opinions about it for you:

  1. Follow Your Heart


Yes, even that crunch or gut feeling you get from time to time can tip you of your true needs and interests, ever been in a work meeting, sweeping at the workshop or doing anything else and all of a sudden you start thinking of something you’d rather be doing?